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Starting at 11:00 am


special guest artist Joe lashley will be joining us!


1. Doors will open at 11am. This event is walk-ins only. You can not hold a spot for a friend. Payment will be taken while doing paperwork. Cash or Card.
2. These are predesigned and sized tattoos. Due to the volume of tattoos, we can not make changes to the designs for everyone that comes in. The designs will be priced $20, $40, or $60 depending on the size and detail of the design. These Prices will be discussed while doing paperwork with you. 
3. Placement: No neck, face, hands, or buttholes. 
4. You must have a state issued I.D., You must be 18.
5. Waiting room space is limited in our shop. Be prepared to stand outside if the waiting room is full. Be mindful to the lack of space when deciding on who rides with you. If they are not getting tattooed they will have to wait outside. Absolutely No Children with you. We love kids, but this is not a kid friendly environment. 
6. This Special is for Friday the 13th only. These designs will no longer be available after this event. 
7. We will not be doing any piercing due to volume and limited shop space. 
8. We will not be tattooing any other designs. (No you can't bring your own designs.) 
9. No you can not camp on the side walk the night before. (We have seriously been asked this.)
10. We are NOT closing at 8pm, we are going to try and tattoo as long as it takes to get everyone we can.

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